Our VISION is to see our products used in classrooms and homes worldwide, as an integral bridge to social connection.
We are guided by our VALUES of Empathy, Respect, Inclusion and Innovation.


Kula Ed provides
  • A secure, collaborative environment that supports communication between home and school
  • Tools to highlight a child’s preferences, activities and learning objectives
  • Methods that complement the schools’ existing programs and IEP requirements
  • Built­in translation capability for up to 10 languages
  • Support for richer teaching and learning opportunities
  • Caregivers with a broader knowledge of the child’s social experiences outside the home
  • Opportunities for the child to develop a deeper sense of self­ awareness and belonging
  • Possibilities to help children establish a path toward peer relationships



​Kula Ed is different from teachers' conventional communications notebooks and tools because it​:
  • Electronically unites families, educators and therapists in a unique 360o child­-centric process
  • Integrates with and is easily accessed through a school's existing network and mobile devices, as it is Cloud based
  • Helps keep the child's entire team updated on activities and plans with and for the child
  • Allows schools to easily and cost-­effectively archive daily communication logs
“Give your child as much life experience as possible. He or she will draw from that in their learning.”
EM, Special Educator, CT